The legend behind the name

Why Ogygia?

Since the 4th century BC, Ogygia has been famously identified with Gozo. But what is Ogygia? Known as the home of nymph Calypso, Ogygia is the name of the mythical island in the fifth book of Homer's Odyssey. It tells the story of how King Odysseus stayed with Calypso in Ogygia for seven years under her hospitable trance. 

This inspired us to transform our suites into a Mediterranean paradise that feels like a home away from home. No matter the passage of time, you will always want to return to the tranquility of Ogygia. 

Staying at Ogygia

Ogygia is the place where everything slows down so that you can find true tranquility in the simplest of things. From the peace of a book read in the early afternoon while you dip your toes in the pool, to the pleasure of a glass of good wine on your balcony as the sun sets, stylish comfort and utter relaxation await you. 

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